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Summer Classes & Workshops Coming Soon!

WE ARE CURRENTLY PLANNING our summer classes and workshops. This year has been exceptionally challenging since the cautionary requirements for our studio ventilation and air purification have been difficult to ascertain. As soon as we are confident that we can provide a safe environment in our studios for students and teachers we shall post our full schedule.

IN THE SHORT TERM we are going to post our ONLINE-only schedule since many people have requested that we continue offering online classes. Hopefully our complete online and IN-STUDIO schedule will follow soon after.

Check back on WEDNESDAY, MAY 12 when our ONLINE program will be posted.

Drawing & Fine Art Programs

for children, teens and adults
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Portrait by Taylor S.

SPRING Classes are now open for registration!

Submit a registration using the
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WELCOME to our online classes and workshops. As much as we wish everyone could rejoin us in the studio this spring, we believe social distancing is the only way we can guarantee a safe environment for our students and teachers. If conditions improve it will be an easy transition to move classes back into the studio.

Check out our weekly class schedule

Live, Interactive, online classes

Easy make-up classes any time you choose via Zoom recordings

High quality pre-recorded video demonstrations

Natural Science Illustration

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• For ages 12 & Up
• Saturdays 10 to 11:30 am
• 1.5 Hour class
• All high quality materials included

DRAWING FROM THE NATURAL WORLD has been a staple of art since the first cave paintings - artists looked to the living world around them and wanted to describe it for other people to understand it's beauty and wonder. Natural science illustration can not only be a relaxing method of drawing, but also a practical one. Much like Audubon, it is a career path in the arts for artists who enjoy the natural world. In this class, students will explore natural objects from plants to animals, feathers to shells and more to look at the tiny details and feeling of these objects and convey them in an illustrative manner. In this way, students will learn not only how to capture these objects realistically, but in a way the information can be relayed to an audience in a way a photo often cannot! 

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Adult drawing and painting classes

Adult Studio Art

Tuesdays, 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon,
Dec 8th - Mar 9th
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S. Ishii - Adult
This class has been designed for people who have some experience and would like a mixture of studio time for independent work/experimentation, as well as structured projects that guide students in working with new materials and techniques. We’re also going to include some instructed figure drawing, with at least one class that will feature a live model and a variety of poses. All high quality materials and model fees are included in the course tuition.

Now you can feed your artistic brain—be guided through the use of new materials and techniques—and have complete freedom to work independently—all in the same class!
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Introduction to Watercolor Painting

Tuesdays, 12 to 2 pm,
Offered through AB Community Ed
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Painting with watercolors can be remarkably simple or impressively complex depending upon your desire to engage with the medium. This intro level class will present a basic foundation that all watercolorists need to have in their skillset.
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Introduction to Portrait Drawing

Thursdays, 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm,
Dec 10th — Mar 11th
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L. Dallimore - Adult
Learning to draw portraits is much more attainable than most people realize. It’s not a “gift” that some people possess but a practiced skill that they’ve developed usually with instruction and guidance. And it’s remarkably satisfying to do once you’ve learned the basics.
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What Class Next?

CURIOUS about what ActonArt offers students who already know they’re destined for a career in the creative arts? Or possibly you’d just like to know what class makes sense for your child who just loves to draw??

Well then, check out our handy-dandy flow chart that shows the logical progression through classes. Please keep in mind there is no “right” path down the chart. The chart simply illustrates what can be expected in terms of moving into higher level classes over time.

Some students want nothing but Foundation classes, while others want to experience it all! If you have questions please give us a call at 978-266-1600.
Class flowchart
ORANGE BOXES represent Foundation classes that teach the comprehensive processes of drawing. BLUE BOXES represent Cartooning and Manga classes which also present foundation concepts and techniques, but always via Manga or Cartoon subject matter. GREEN BOXES represent Portfolio classes that require knowledge and technical skills taught in the foundation classes. These classes are designed to provide students seeking art related careers exposure to, and experience with complex materials, methods and planning processes. Most portfolio classes are open to anyone even if they are not planning to develop a formal portfolio.
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We at ActonArt reject the
current wave of hate and violence
being shown to the Black community
and protestors by police.

We call upon our elected officals
and government to take real,
actionable movements towards
dismantling unjust systems.

We have donated to two organizations
that we feel are important to support,
Creatives of Color BOSTON and
The Movement for Black Lives.
Please consider donating.

Natalie S, age 15

Alicia Z, age 12

Suki F, age 13