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ALL WEEKLY CLASSES scheduled on Monday and Tuesday will be held as make-up classes on Monday and Tuesday, August 7th and 8th.

WORKSHOPS scheduled for the 4th of July week will be THREE-DAY WORKSHOPS in duration, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. Tuition is adjusted to the following:

• Art School Workshops, both AM and PM — $165
• Sculpting & 3D Art — $187.50
• Comics Drawing — $165

4th of July NOTE!

SUMMER 2017 Weekly Classes & Four-Day Workshops!

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Our site is updated with all our summer offerings! Click above to see classes & workshops!

Spring classes are now closed.

SPRING CLASSES ARE NOW CLOSED! Check out our SUMMER programs instead!

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New Classes at ActonArt!

Charcoal & Graphite Drawing (summer only)

OUR NEWEST CLASS, Charcoal & Graphite Drawing, is a foundation class for students who want to develop their ability to see and represent a full range of light and shadow on paper. Charcoal and graphite are among the oldest of mediums and they provide unparalleled flexibility and the ability to work fast. Because of this studio artists frequently use charcoal studies as a starting point for developing new ideas. Managing this smudge-prone material also helps students develop “clean” habits that carry over into other mediums as well.

Anyone considering an art school or arts major would benefit from working in charcoal and graphite before college! Some student artwork in this class could be useful for portfolios.
charcoal drawing of a kitten
Charcoal and white chalk on gray paper
Baseball player in charcoal and white chalk
Charcoal and white chalk on gray paper
Old woman in charcoal and chalk
Charcoal and white chalk on gray paper
charcoal drawing of plaster hand model
Charcoal and white chalk on gray paper
Ball point pen drawing by K.Chen
K. CHEN — AGE 15

Introducing a fantastic new class


The Art Year is a multiple trimester program designed as a transition class for INTERMEDIATE level students (A2 or higher) who have a committed interest in art and wish to continue developing their skills. It is designed to move students away from the exercise projects presented in our foundation drawing classes and begin challenging them to function more as independent, self-determined artists. It will also introduce a more detailed studies of materials, more advanced techniques, and conceptual thinking and problem solving. Most importantly, students in this level will be guided toward artistic independence, in which they are encouraged to try new ideas, materials and processes. Nearly all projects will be multi-week with an emphasis on completing the artwork.

PLEASE NOTE: The Art Year requires a full three trimester commitment. Students are expected to begin in the Fall trimester and remain in class for the Winter and Spring trimesters. Students may NOT take single trimesters.

Click for more information on The Art Year schedules, tuition and structure.

Coming Soon! Online Video classes!

Manga Drawing & Portrait Drawing

Chris Parent screen grab from Manga video class
WE’RE WORKING TOWARDS trying something new…online video classes from some of our most popular programs. These are full length classes that demonstrate a complete drawing process. Each class is presented by one of ActonArt’s studio teachers in high quality HD video. If you’d like to try a single class or give a gift to a distant family member these are perfect! Check back soon for preview trailers of our first two classes…Portrait Drawing with Roxanne Vanslette and Manga Characters with Chris Parent!
Roxanne Vanslette screen grab from portrait drawing video
Drawing board view of Portrait Drawing video
Drawing board screen grab from Manga video

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