Governor Baker's Advisory update



Recognizing that this may (likely) escalate to a mandatory order, we are now going to have to make further adjustments to our online class plan.

WE HAVE ANTICIPATED THIS POSSIBILITY, and have a PLAN-B that will still allow us to offer Zoom classes. However it means we must acquire additional tech hardware so our teachers won’t have to travel to the studio. As such we are going to delay one additional week, and begin on Monday, March 30. Unless additional restrictions on internet usage are imposed, I feel confident that this will allow us to provide classes without further delay.

I am so sorry that this happened today. I just finished preparing a message to send you about beginning our online classes this afternoon! We were that close.

If we have to adjust the length of our trimester to reflect a reduced number of classes we will provide either credits for future use, or refunds for the omitted classes.

You can
see our new weekly schedule for the online classes on our web site. Some classes have been combined due to low enrollment. If you are affected by this we will be contacting you to confirm what class you would like to attend.

Since the stay-at-home order begins tomorrow (Tues, March 24) we still have one last chance to get supplies to foundation* class students. Unfortunately we must cancel the art supply pick-up for this afternoon. Rain and snow are forecast at the time of the pickup. We cannot provide an outdoor isolated space to avoid close contact without the supplies getting wet. We are rescheduling the supply pickup to tomorrow, Tuesday, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. I expect that this will be the last opportunity to pick up supplies from the studio. We will update everyone in non-foundation classes shortly as we are still determining the needed supplies.

I will update you again as soon as possible. I know many of you are anxiously anticipating getting these classes. We are working overtime presently to ensure that they are as good as possible and that we can maintain that level of quality. If you have a chance to prepare for using Zoom meetings you can run a test by visiting This will help you identify and fix any problems before you join our first class.

*foundation classes are Beginners, BasicA, BasicB, IntermediateA1 & A2, and Teen Drawing