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Today is the last day to submit art to the 2019 ActonArt Student Show!

Saturday 18th May 2019

Please be sure to drop off your artwork (with your name on the back of each piece), submission form and check to the box inside the studio by 5pm today!

Tomorrow begins the process of selecting all the chosen pieces! How exciting!

Wednesday 15th May 2019

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From the Manga classes at ActonArt: action poses!

Sometimes you want to spice up a character drawing with a cool angle that makes the drawing feel more energetic and fun.

If you’re interested in Manga, Anime or cartoons you should absolutely check out our summer offerings for classes! We have both weekly classes and multi-day workshops that focus on this distinct style of drawing, so head on over to our website to see what’s available.

The 2019 ActonArt Student show is Sunday, June 9th!

Monday 13th May 2019

Be sure to set aside that Sunday to come by the studio and see all the amazing art made by our students this year. 


If you are an ActonArt student who wants to participate, be sure to come to the studio, fill out a submission form and turn in your art by Saturday, May 18th at 5pm.

Sunday 12th May 2019

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The Ink & Scratchboard class at ActonArt was taking a week to finish up some pieces!

The 2019 ActonArt Student Art Show is quickly coming upon us! If you’re a student at ActonArt and you’d like to participate, head on over to the student and grab a submission form. The final date to turn in artwork for the show is Saturday, May 18th - and the show itself will be on Sunday, June 9th.

Saturday 11th May 2019

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Some excellent examples from the Portrait & Style: Cartooning class at ActonArt!

In this exercise, students were looking at mainstream and indie comics as style inspiration.

Friday 10th May 2019

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From ActonArt’s Studio Arts & Portfolio Development classes: works in progress and a crash course in mat cutting! Each year, the Studio Arts and Portfolio students jury, mat and hang their own pieces for the art show.

If you are going into your junior or senior year of high school and are building a portfolio for application to art colleges, you may consider taking our six-week summer Portfolio Development class. In this class, students will work with the teacher to build a game-plan for what pieces they need for their portfolios, then work semi-independently to create the pieces.

Check out our website for all our summer workshops and classes!

Thursday 9th May 2019

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Slow down! Looks like we’re drawing a sloth this week in ActonArt’s Foundation Drawing classes.

This color pencil project makes use of color pencils to texturize these cute and fuzzy beasts.

A gentle reminder that summer classes are now posted on our website! Visit the summer schedule to see what is on offer and to register.

ActonArt Summer Programs!

Monday 6th May 2019


In the summer, ActonArt Drawing School runs a shorter six-week program (June 24th - August 1st) full of daytime workshops and afternoon classes. You can head on over to our website to see the full listing, but to give you an idea of what is on offer:

  • Foundation Drawing (ages 5.5-12+)
  • Intro to Painting, Watercolor and Oil Painting
  • Portraits and Figure Drawing
  • Creative Drawing, Manga and Cartooning
  • Portfolio Development (for high school juniors and seniors)
  • And tons of two-to-four day workshops including: Trompe l’oeil Painting, Cosplay, Comics, Life Drawing, Sketchbooking, Color Pencil, Sculpture, Manga and more!

The whole listing full of class descriptions and availability is online now, so check it out!

Sunday 5th May 2019

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It’s everyone’s favorite (???) Pokemon, Bidoof! These lovely examples were drawn in ActonArt’s Cartooning and Chibi class.

Like Cartooning and Chibi art? ActonArt will be running C&C as both a weekly class and 4-day workshop. Check out our summer schedule for more information!

Saturday 4th May 2019

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Our tortoises are making their way out of here - but we’ll be back at ActonArt next week with something new!

I promise next week’s project isn’t a layabout!