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A. Mamidipudi, age 13

Student Art Show 2019

Our 2019 Student Art Show was held on Sunday, June 9 on what may have been the most beautiful day of the year! More than 600 people came to see the artwork, sample some delicious snacks, and enjoy the activities. This year we were fortunate to be joined for the day by Artists & Craftsmen Supply, an employee owned artist supply chain based in Portland, ME, with stores in Saugus and Cambridge, MA. They brought activities, discount art supplies and a fantastic raffle prize basket filled with good stuff. Congratulations to the Nagar family who won the raffle! We'll be updating our Art Show web page shortly with photos of the show! Nearly all the show artwork will remain on display throughout the coming year so if you missed the show you can still see most of the artwork when you visit the studio.
EACH YEAR IN THE SPRING we hold our annual Student Art Show. This wonderful event is an opportunity for students to participate in a unique display of art that they make, select and share with everyone. Last year we had over six hundred people visit the studio during the seven hours of the show! The artwork is always remarkable, the students are proud of their accomplishments, and parents and families are effusive! Overall, a pretty good day!
Download the Art Show form above. Label each artwork with the student’s name. You may provide 2-3 pieces for consideration but only ONE piece of art will be selected to be matted and displayed. While you may indicate your preferred choices of art, ActonArt teachers will make the final choice to display. We will always try to honor each student’s choices, however we reserve the right to use any submissions to ensure a balance of projects displayed in the show. ALL artwork submitted for the show will be returned to students. Unused artwork will be placed in the student’s portfolio.

ALL SUBMISSIONS must include: the student's artwork, a completed Art Show form, and $40 fee in cash or check to ActonArt.

Scenes from previous Art Shows

cutting mats for art show
Cutting mats before the show
Families viewing show artwork
Show time!
People browsing the artwork
Show time!
Looking at samples of Creative Drawing
Show time!
Viewers looking at advanced student work
Show time!
Advanced students in front of their own paintings
Advanced students paintings of each other.
The line up of artwork down the long hall
Just before the show
View of the studio before the show
Getting ready
Shattered glass painting of teen anxiety
Teenage breaking point
Kids getting faces painted
And Face Painting…of course!