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February Vacation Workshops 2019

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Cartooning & Chibi Drawing

ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT! (As of 2/10/19)
4-DAYS — all materials provided
Monday, Feb. 18 through Thursday, Feb. 21
9 am to 12 noon
Ages 9 & Up

This four-day workshop will take students through the drawing process for variety of popular cartoon characters.  Starting with western cartoons, from classic to modern, and moving to eastern “chibi” style characters we will talk about how to construct and complete a finished drawing. When done students will have an understanding of the basic methods of how to draw in these popular styles.
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Portrait Drawing for Beginners

ONLY TWO SPOTS LEFT! (As of 2/10/19)
2-DAYS — all materials provided $125
Monday, Feb. 18 through Tuesday, Feb. 19
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Ages 12 & Up
Want to draw portraits but every time you try you end up with an emoji smile? This is the workshop for you! Over two days we will go over the fundamentals of facial structure and basic features.  We will talk about how and where to put features on a face, as well as how to make a good looking head shape.  And when we're done you will have enough knowledge to start drawing portraits with confidence.

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Copic Marker Techniques

This workshop is FULL! (As of 2/10/19)
2-DAYS — all materials provided $125
Wednesday, Feb. 20 through Thursday, Feb. 21
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Ages 12 & Up
This workshop will cover many of the techniques that you can use with Copic markers.  We will be going over everything from simple techniques such as laying areas of flat color without streaking or splotches, to more complex methods like color blending and mixing.  When we are done with this workshop you will have a full understanding of how copics work, and how to use them in a sophisticated manner.  (If students have their own markers, even if a different brand, they are welcome to bring them to class)

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Intro to Painting

4-DAYS — all materials provided $275
Monday, Feb. 18 through Thursday, Feb. 21
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Ages 12 & Up
• All required materials provided
• Projects will include Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil Paint
• Three paintings in four days!
• 12 hours of instruction and studio time
• Prior drawing skills recommended

INTRODUCTION TO PAINTING is a beginner to intermediate level painting class. It is however NOT appropriate for
beginner artists. Students with an intermediate level drawing ability are ideal candidates for this class because we will not be able to provide drawing instruction. Since many artists prefer to have a simple drawing in place when starting a painting, students must have basic drawing skills in place already.

Students will learn about watercolor, acrylic and oil paint and materials, and variety of techniques.

Because each medium is distinctly different in the way it is used, process and technique is extremely important, and that’s what we’ll be teaching.

If you’ve always wanted to try painting this is the perfect class to learn the foundation skills of these various mediums — or to take what you already know to a higher level.

Call 978-266-1600 for more information, or register online today!

The instructor for this class, Julie McAskill Ripley, is a John Peto National Trompe L’oeil competition award winner.