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You will receive an email with your password for next week!

Beginning on Monday, May 25 we will begin requiring a secure login to enter our online classes web page. Everyone will receive via email a TEMPORARY password that they can change. If you change your password it will be stored safely and we will NOT be able to read it.

If you can save passwords in your web browser you will only need to sign-in once, and the browser will automatically fill-in this information the next time you return to the page.

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If you've already been given a password you can change it to something more familiar on this short form.

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If you have not already been assigned a password you can create one here. If you receive a message saying your email is already registered it means you have been assigned a password previously. Contact us for help.

Sunday, May 24

Time: 12:30 PM
Join Zoom Studio URL:
Meeting ID:
947 495 068
Vimeo video URL:
Reference Files/Images for week 8

Time: 3:00 PM
Join Zoom Studio URL:
Meeting ID:
858 688 326
Vimeo video URL: live class

Time: 5:45 PM
Join Zoom Studio URL:
Meeting ID:
982 410 352
Vimeo video URL: live class