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Winter Vacation Workshops

Monday to Thursday, Feb 19–22, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.
For ages 14 to adults
$260 (all materials are included)
Teacher: Julie Ripley

Many people love the idea of painting but are intimidated by the materials, techniques and expense of taking a class. This workshop offers the perfect opportunity to try watercolor, acrylic and oil painting all in a few short days.

Each type of paint requires different solvents, mediums and overall planning. As a result people often find that one type of painting appeals to them more than others and that’s where they find the greatest satisfaction. Our
Intro to Painting Workshop is not only a great way to learn a bit about all kinds of painting but it’s an ideal way to “try before you buy” into any one particular paint medium.

Learning to paint can open the door to creative personal expression. If you’ve always been attracted to the idea of painting, this is a perfect opportunity to try it out!

Monday to Wednesday, Feb 19–21, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.
For ages 13 to adults
$230 (all materials are included)
Teacher: Jackie Musto

While the sketchbook is the backbone of an artist’s life, many students and beginners struggle with how to use one! A blank book is a daunting starting point for many, but this workshop intends to inform and de-mystify the process.

Students will start by assembling their own sketchbook, containing pages that will be useful for many types of media – and then learn how to develop ideas and explore artistic concepts via the sketching process. By using various types of media, they can expect to:

  • Learn how to sketch using reference, drawing from life and using “thumbnails” to explore finished ideas
  • Use techniques like doodleing, visualizing abstract shapes and game playing to develop concepts
  • Use a variety of sketching medias, alone and together, including pencil, pen, marker and watercolor
  • Find inspiration from various sources of media like magazines, poetry, TV and other artists
  • Develop an understanding of “how to see” and loosen up, making the process of “art” more fun and rewarding

Monday to Wednesday, Feb 19–21, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.
For ages 12 to adults
$250 (all materials are included)
Teacher: Chris Parent

Have you ever wanted to try making your own jewelry from scratch? This workshop is for you!

Using polymer clay (a low fire non-toxic material) we will explore the jewelry making process. Mixing different color layers of clay allows us to create interesting colorful beads and charms to use in a
custom charm bracelet. Next we will create pendants and rings, and explore how to use clay molds and stamps for patterns and texture. Finally we will need a place to put our new wearable art, so we will create a jewelry stand, or box using all the techniques learned in the previous days. Students are encouraged to bring in existing bracelets and necklaces to add onto, as well as any materials they wish to incorporate with their jewelry.

  • Come make your own jewelry this February vacation in this fun and creative workshop!